SQL SERVER: Load Reports without SQL SERVER Reporting Service with Asp.Net

Recently, we have weekly meetings with my team and one of developer is come up with question that, "Can we use Reports without having SQL SERVER Report Services?". That is very good question that came up by him, as he says client does not want to have SQL SERVER Reporting Services. Client SQL SERVER is hosted at Shared Hosting and does not want to extra pay to use SQL SERVER Reporting Service.

SSRS: Introduction to SQL SERVER Reporting Services
SSRS: Introduction to SQL SERVER Reporting Services

Report is a better presentation of data. From report user/Management can easily analyze the information. Report is easy to explain such information like Sales graph, profitability etc.. SQL SERVER provides rich kind of report that can be easily generated from SQL SERVER and send it to user/management in different formats like Excel, word, HTML etc..SSRS (SQL SERVER Reporting Services) also supports CHARTS which is very useful when we need to develop reports for Management.