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15 Nov 2009
Tejas Shah
Last Article, SSIS - Foreach Loop Container, We need to assign dynamic connection to file connection, so SSIS For each loop Task can take each file from folder.

Lets configure File connection from variable for SSIS - Foreach Loop Container.
What we need to do is, we need to process each file from folder, so we need to assign value from variable to File connection, so SSIS Task will read that file and process that file.
To assign FileConnection dynamicaly we need to do following.
1. Right click on File Connection, click Properties.
2. Set DelayValidation = "False", as we need to assign connection dynamically.
3. Click on "Expression", and enter variable  name, which we used in SSIS - Foreach Loop Container.

That's it.
It will assign connection from variable and process that file.
Let me know if you have any question for the same.

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