October 8, 2009

Top features of Windows 7 and Office 2010

We have Community TechDays on 3rd October 2009, Saturday at Hotel Anmol, Ahmedabad. This was excellent event, you can find out more details here.

I like these features of Windows 7 and Office 2010 which was presented by Vinod kumar, Microsoft Evangelist.

1. I like the Recorder Tool provided by Windows 7. This is very handy tool which will make our (IT professional) life easy. Many times we find that users complaint that application raise an error. What we need is, what user did so error occurs. By this tool, user can record all of the steps. This tool will capture all screen shots and description what user did. So user just need to send this file to us and we can easily come to know that why this happen. One more thing is that, File size is also not much though all screen shots are there. We can also have option to reduce size, by reducing quality of images.

2. I like the option of Jump List, We will access applications like windows media player just from Task Bar. We don't need to even open that Application. This is very nice feature as everything is just from task bar.

3. There is a feature to Magnify the screen and also point out the location. This we really need when we are giving presentation or in meetings. By this feature we can present things in easy way so all persons can understand easily.

4. Feature: Trigger Start Service. This is really good feature, as previously it was programmed as System keeps check periodically about the new hardware is attached or not. That was really resource consuming. Microsoft resolved this in Windows 7. As Vinod Kumar explained with USB drive at Community TechDays, Event is only fired when we attach any new hardware else it is not in even memory.

5. Now we can also Re-Arrange open applications in Task manager. As we used Tabbed browser and like to move important tabs first. This is the same concept developed in Windows 7 to arrange icons in Task Manager.

6. Show Desktop feature, Windows 7 introduced the "Show Desktop" button at right bottom side. We just need to click on right bottom which will minimize all applications which will  make developers life simple :)

7. Windows 7 also comes with good display options. We can customize the color of Taskbar icon's color.

8. Virtulization, The most common reason is that you want to run Virtual PC on Windows 7 on a system that does not have hardware virtualization support.

9. In Office 2010, feature to notify icon which indicates that recipient is available or not at that time. By this feature, at the time of sending an email come to know that recipient is available or not.

10. Also in Office 2010, Grouping follow up mails. This is feature by which we can find whole list mails, received and sent. So we come to know about the discussion from first email to last email.

11. In Office 2010, You can not copy the copyright contents. I can not get correct name to explain this.

There are many more featured explained by Vinod Kumar @ Community TechDays. Here I just mentioned features those are still on my  mind and I like this in real life.

Reference: Tejas Shah (http://www.SQLYoga.Com)